VITA 68.1 is part of the VITA 68.x family of standards for signal integrity compliance of VPX systems and components. Please refer to VITA 68.0 for an overview of the VITA 68.x family of standards.

This standard defines a VPX compliance channel fixed signal Integrity budget including module performance criteria and common backplane performance criteria required to support multiple fabric types across a range of defined baud rates. This allows backplane developers to design a VITA 68.1 compliant backplane that supports required bit error rates (BER) for multiple fabric types when used with modules that are compliant to VITA 68.1 budget criteria.  This also allows module developers to design VITA 68.1 compliant Plug-In Modules that are interoperable with other VITA 68.1 compliant modules when used with a VITA 68.1 compliant backplane.

VITA 68.1 defines a single budget encompassing modules and backplanes at various baud rates, with a “large system budget” that supports interoperability of VITA 68.1 compliant modules with any VITA 68.1 compliant backplane, including large slot count backplanes with relatively long traces.

   i.   This approach supports mix and match interoperability between VITA 68.1 compliant modules and backplanes for the system integrator without requiring application-specific signal integrity efforts

   ii.   But this approach does not support more complex systems, e.g. ones with transceivers on mezzanine cards.  These more complex systems are outside the scope of VITA 68.1 but could be addressed by future VITA 68.x dot-specs.


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ANSI/VITA 68.1-2017, Fixed Signal Integrity Budget

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