Mechanical Standard for Electronic VPX Plug-in Modules Using Air Flow Through Cooling - This document describes an open standard for the design requirements for an air-flow-through cooled plug-in module having 3U and 6U form factors while retaining the VITA 46.0 connector layout. Unlike using cooling air impinged directly upon the components and circuit boards, this plug-in module uses a finned heat exchanger frame located within the central section of the assembly to top cool primary circuit board components as well as mezzanine board components. Both 3U and 6U standard form factors are offered using 3 defined pitch spacings, with options to have alternate air flow intake and exhaust paths. The plug-in modules of this standard exhibit a weight reduction and cost savings by eliminating both wedge retainer usage and module lever usage by way of using light weight jack screws for plug-in module insertion and extraction into a subrack chassis. The intention of this standard is to optimize SWAP-C (Size, Weight, Power, Cost).

  • Item #: AV48.8

ANSI/VITA 48.8-2017, Mech Std for Modules Using Air Flow Through

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